Meet Charles Davenport

[Agent & President of Davenport Insurance Services, LLC.]


I graduated from East Webster High School in 1993, and from Wood College in 1998 with a Business Associates Degree. I went into the Insurance Industry in 2002 and haven’t looked back since!


I married my wife Mary in 1998, and we have 2 daughters, Ashlee, and Sarah.


I enjoy hunting, fishing, the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

Currently, we are a family-owned business. Mary is our Prescription Drug Plan Specialist and handles some of the Customer Service.


My daughter, Ashlee Harr, has excitedly joined in on the family business and she handles the majority of our customer service needs, as well as some of our Medicare Supplement Insurance cases, and our Dental & Vision Insurance clients too. 


My youngest daughter, Sarah Davenport, is currently in college and we couldn't be prouder of her academic achievements thus far!


I usually help our clients with the Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Life Insurance services and I take great pride in my work to assist them. When I started out, my focus was on the Senior Market. Helping Seniors with the complex decisions they must make as they get older, and when they get on Medicare.


Nearly 20 years later we still have made that our focus, but we do help younger individuals and families with their insurance needs as well.


So, if you or someone you know has questions about Medicare, or insurance in general, give us a call. Myself, and the rest of my family/team, would love to help you if we can!